Goal Stars is an app that allows parents to set goals for their kids (any family member, really). It tracks the tasks and whether they have been completed. Using augmented reality (AR) the task becomes a fun scavenger hunt; the child can use their device to find the tasks, complete them, and mark them as done. The parent's app then gets a notification and they can mark the task of complete. A certain number of "Stars" can be assigned to each task, and the child can cash these in for literal money or perhaps other rewards such as having a treat after dinner or being able to go to the playground.
To present the concept, I created some animated mockups and designed a brochure that explained the app and had descriptions of all the functionality.

Click play to see an example of how the app could function.

Creating the Goal Stars app was a real exercise in user interface and user experience (UI/UX). As can be seen below, there are a number of screens that needed to be planned out for signing up and setting goals.
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