Coors teamed up with the NBA, and we created a series of ads that highlighted the collectible NBA team cans, while keeping the ice-cold refreshment that Coors is famous for. Working with Safehouse productions, we edited some TV commercials, then went on to produce many animated ads for their social media channels.
We produced a series of NBA-themed social media animations, and edited TV commercials that tied in with the ice-cold refreshment of Coors Light. Being able to use official NBA footage was a real thrill, and we think our enthusiasm is on full display in the final product! Some affordable social media posts were made with a combination of photography and 3D animation. Coors produced a special NBA can series that had the team logos on them - helping Coors Light connect with enthusiastic NBA fans worldwide. The NBA has many great players, but the most "Refreshing Player" is clearly Coors Light!

NBA Partnership announcement video.

TV Commercial for Coors Light with the NBA Partnership.

Social Media post for Coors Light.

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